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Credit union home loan options to help you fund home sweet home.

Whether it’s your first home or your fourth, buying a house is an exciting event — one with lots of steps. Our Mortgage Loan Officers can help provide financing options that work for you, and guide you through every stage of the credit union home loan process.

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Why Choose A Cobalt Mortgage?

Cobalt Credit Union has been serving our area communities for over 75 years. We are the largest locally-owned credit union in Nebraska with over 100,000 members. We continue to make strong business decisions, but never sacrifice our core values of Respect, Integrity, Service and Excellence. We are passionate about serving our communities and providing safe, quality mortgage solutions to home buyers in our local market.  

Benefits you can expect from Cobalt Mortgage 

  • Competitive rates and fees  
  • Fixed terms up to 30 years  
  • Expert mortgage loan officers who make the process efficient and hassle-free  
  • Custom mortgage solutions tailored to meet your financial needs and goals  
  • Fast and convenient online application and approval process  
  • Local underwriting, processing and closings  
  • 25+ convenient locations


 “The Cobalt Mortgage team helped me understand the entire mortgage process by taking the time to explain everything that was going on and what it all meant to me. My mortgage loan officer helped me feel very comfortable with a big step in my life.”  

- A. Smith, Papillion, NE 

Financing Options

10, 15, 20, or 30 year terms are available. Property must be located within a 100 mile radius of Cobalt Credit Union.

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Conventional Fixed Rate

Say no to surprises. Avoid worrying about fluctuations in interest rates and enjoy a consistent mortgage interest rate for the life of your conventional loan.



3% Down Payment Mortgage

Cobalt Credit Union has mortgages that you can understand. With a lower down payment and no repayment penalty, you'll know you're making the right move.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM)

Cobalt Credit Union's Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) options include Conventional 3/6 and VA 3/1 ARMs. These ARM options provide a lower initial interest rate and increased flexibility for borrowers who want to adjust their payments as their financial situation changes. With an ARM from Cobalt Credit Union, you can take advantage of these lower rates while still being able to afford your monthly mortgage payments, making it an excellent option for many homebuyers.

Big 10

Shorter terms mean paying less interest over the life of your loan. 

Jumbo Loans

Buying a home that exceeds conforming loan limits? If you have an established credit history and can put at least 10% down a Jumbo Loan might be the option for you.

Extended Locks 

Your interest rate will not increase if mortgage rates rise during the lock period. Rates can be locked for up to 365 days.


Save money by lowering your mortgage payment, paying off your mortgage sooner, or taking out cash to pay off high-interest debt.


Secure a loan to invest in the residential real estate market.

Cobalt Professionals Program

The Cobalt Professionals Program* for medical and dental professionals is developed to recognize the individual aspects of those entering the medical field and to identify the prospect for increasing income as they advance in their profession.

  • Expanded underwriting criteria for student loan debt
  • Limited down payment
  • Lender Paid and Borrower Paid Mortgage Insurance options available

Eligible professions include: medical resident, medical doctor, optometrist, chiropractor, dentist, dental surgeon, and pharmacist.

*An applicant must have, or open prior to closing, a checking or savings account with Cobalt Credit Union. Applicants with an existing account with Cobalt prior to application, also satisfy this requirement. Eligible medical professionals include: (1) medical doctors who are actively practicing, (MD, DDS, DMD, OD, DPM, DO), (2) medical fellows and residents who are currently employed, in residency/fellowship, or (3) for salaried employees only: medical students and medical doctors who are about to begin their new employment/residency for fellowship within 90 days of closing. Those employed in research aor as a professor are not eligible. For qualified borrowers with excellent credit. PITIA (Principle, Interest, Taxes, Insurance, Assessments) reserves 4-6 months are required, depending on loan amount.

Apply with Your ITIN*

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Cobalt Credit Union offers mortgage services tailored to our members with ITINs (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number).*

*For full disclosures, visit our ITIN Lending page.

Whether it's home improvement, debt consolidation, or an unexpected expense - now is the perfect time to unlock your home's equity at a great low rate!



Home Loan Resources

Buying a home can be overwhelming. Here are some calculators and articles to help guide you on your journey to home ownership.

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