Cobalt Digital Banking is Getting an Upgrade

Get Ready for an Exciting Update to Your Cobalt Digital Banking Experience

We’ve Reimagined Cobalt Digital Banking

We heard you. We are excited to announce our Digital Banking app is soon getting a significant update with a more accessible design and a simpler navigation flow to help you easily accomplish your daily banking needs!

Look out for our brand-new digital banking experience to help you quickly and conveniently find access to key features and services so you can bank anytime, anywhere.

mobileNew Account Experience

Enjoy a new, modern look of your accounts that makes navigating through your transaction and account details effortless. Simply swipe the account cards to view quick action buttons that take you to your desired task.

Simplified Navigation

When you log in, you’ll notice a convenient bottom bar that displays a menu option to help you quickly find what you need. Select a category in this mobile menu and tap the desired item to access the tools and resources you rely on.

Sleek Mobile Deposit Design

Depositing a check has never been easier. Toggle your view on the redesigned Mobile Deposit screen to deposit a check or glance at your activity.

Improved Look and Feel

Experience an enhanced look and feel and easy-to-follow navigation path that gives you access to key functions throughout the app with just a few taps.

How to Get Ready

The reimagined app is on its way. Get ready by downloading the Cobalt Credit Union app and turning on automatic app updates to ensure you have access to the latest features as they're made available! Stay ahead of the curve and enjoy a seamless banking experience by exploring the new functionalities and improvements coming your way.


Friends having coffee in a cafe. Update Your Contact Information

As part of our commitment to enhancing your banking experience, we're implementing two-factor authentication to ensure the security of your accounts.

For a smooth transition, we kindly request you confirm and update your contact information by visiting a branch, calling us over the phone, via video banking, or through the Desktop version of digital banking, as shown to the left.

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