Credit Sense

Free, Ongoing Credit Score, Report, and Monitoring

Staying on top of your credit has never been easier!

Access your credit score, full credit report, credit monitoring, financial tips, and education - all without impacting your credit score. Enjoy the following features:

  • Daily access to your credit score
  • Real-time credit monitoring alerts
  • Personalized credit report
  • Credit score simulator
  • Product recommendations
  • And more!

Enroll to keep your credit score top of mind

Keeping an eye on your credit score has never been simpler — you can now enroll and access Credit Sense through Cobalt Digital Banking on desktop and mobile devices. By monitoring your score and report with regular updates, you can empower yourself to discover financial freedom.

  • Look for the Credit Sense widget and select the "show my score" button to start viewing your credit report in Digital Banking on desktop.
  • Or, check out "My Credit Score" under "Quick Links" on our mobile app!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using Credit Sense?
  • A free monthly credit score and personalized report
  • Personalized analysis of each element of your score
  • Easy-to-follow explanations around the factors that impact your credit score
How can I access my credit score?

Credit Sense does not require you to create a new login, as it is built into Cobalt Digital Banking. However, simple first-time enrollment steps must be completed on the desktop Digital Banking platform or on our mobile app.

In Digital Banking on desktop, navigate to the Credit Sense widget shown below, click the "Show my Score" button, and follow all the on-screen steps to complete enrollment.


If you are using the Cobalt Credit Union mobile app, click "My Credit Score" within the "Quick Links" menu, shown below, and follow all the on-screen steps to complete enrollment.


How can I add Credit Sense to Digital Banking if it is missing?

If you are unable to locate Credit Sense in Digital Banking on desktop, follow these steps to add it to your dashboard:

1. Log into Digital banking, then click the "dropdown" arrow ↓ near the top of the screen.
step 1

2. With the dropdown menu expanded, as shown below, click the "right" arrow → one time.
step 2

3. Click the "right" arrow → once again.
step 3

4. You should now find the "Credit Sense" button within the dropdown menu. Click on it.
step 4

5. You can now access Credit Sense on your dashboard. Click the "Show my Score" button to get started!
widget 5

Is there a cost to use Credit Sense?

Cobalt Credit Union provides Credit Sense credit score services and products at no additional cost to our members. No credit card information is required to enroll.

What is included in the Credit Score feature?

Watch the video below for an overview of Credit Score.

Will Credit Sense share my credit score with Cobalt?

See Credit Sense's privacy policy.

How often will my credit score get updated?

If you regularly access digital banking, your credit score will be updated every 7 days and displayed within the digital banking platform. You can also refresh your credit score and full report every 24 hours by clicking "Refresh Score" and navigating to the detailed Credit Score Dashboard within digital banking.

Will my credit score be "pinged" and potentially lowered?

Checking your credit score with Credit Sense is a "soft inquiry", which will not affect your credit score.

Will the credit score shown in Credit Sense be used when I apply for a loan through Cobalt?

Cobalt Credit Union uses our lending criteria when making final loan decisions. However, Credit Sense Analytics can see what offers members view and engage with.

The services are provided by SavvyMoney, Inc. and do not represent any agreement by Cobalt Credit Union to provide any product, service, or other benefit to me. Information provided by SavvyMoney, Inc. is for educational purposes only and does not represent accounting, tax, legal, real estate, mortgage, and financial planning or investment advice by Cobalt Credit Union. The credit report and score are not used to determine loan rates or approval purposes; loan rates and approvals are based on information provided separately to Cobalt Credit Union when you apply for a loan. The credit score found in the credit report used by Cobalt Credit Union may be different than the credit score provided by Credit Sense (powered by SavvyMoney, Inc.).